Welcome to Profit Point Tax!

You may be wondering why large, profitable companies choose Profit Point Tax Technologies to solve some of their most difficult tax issues and represent them in discussions with the IRS.  Here are a few reasons.

With Profit Point Tax Technologies, clients know their issues will be addressed by a highly-focused and efficient team of tax professionals with over 70 years of Federal tax experience. Each member of our team has over 20 years of tax experience primarily with a law firm, the Big 4, or a Fortune 500 Company.

We bring a unique combination of skills to every project: An understanding of the rules and policies that drive tax consequences; Broad industry experience that allows us to gain traction and add value quickly; Quantitative expertise rarely found in a Big 4 practice office or a law firm; Top-notch communication skills; and the Ability to shape solutions that are both creative and practical.

We also bring to the table an appreciation of the challenges you face as an in-house tax professional, and the extraordinary value you can add in a complex business organization.  We roll up our sleeves to help you meet those challenges and add tremendous value.

Frankly, we get it – clients want results, and that’s what we deliver!