Duncan W. G. Montgomery

Duncan W. G. Montgomery has worked extensively with U.S. exporters and other U.S.-based manufacturers to capture value under the DISC, FSC, ETI, and Domestic Production Activity Deduction regimes.  During his tenure with a Big 4 accounting firm, Duncan W. G. Montgomery was instrumental in developing and implementing technology-driven solutions to complex, quantitative tax issues.

As a result of his quantitative solutions experience, Duncan W. G. Montgomery brings to Profit Point Tax Technologies unique capabilities and perspectives that often help clients organize, analyze, and leverage the large data sets that drive their tax results.  Recently, Duncan’s expertise has been employed to optimize DPAD calculations and enhance foreign tax credit utilization.

Duncan W. G. Montgomery manages the quantitative analysis function across all  Profit Point Tax Technologies offices and plays a leading roll on all projects that involve extensive analysis of client transactional data.

Duncan W. G. Montgomery holds a Diploma in Legal Practice and an LLB (with honors) from the University of Edinburgh.  In 1996, he placed first nationally in the UK Chartered Tax Adviser Examinations.

About Profit Point Tax Technologies

Profit Point Tax Technologies is comprised of a group of highly-qualified professionals with more than 70 years of experience optimizing U.S. companies’ tax benefits utilizing the various federal income tax incentives. They are skilled in performing transactional optimizations associated with the Domestic International Sales Corporation (DISC), the Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC), and the Extraterritorial Income (ETI) regime. While the Domestic Production Activities Deduction is calculated on an “item-by-item” basis (rather than on a transactional basis), it shares many of the optimization opportunities that are present in a transactional optimization.