Tarek Saleh

Tarek Saleh has over 10 years experience in sales and business development with Worldtek Travel, Impact Sports, Genesco Inc.  and Kollege Town Sports. Tarek Saleh played  5 seasons in NFL1997-2001.  Tarek Saleh works on developing key clients and partnerships for Profit Point Tax Technologie PPTT.

About Profit Point Tax Technologies

Profit Point Tax Technologies is comprised of a group of highly-qualified professionals with more than 70 years of experience optimizing U.S. companies’ tax benefits utilizing the various federal income tax incentives. They are skilled in performing transactional optimizations associated with the Domestic International Sales Corporation (DISC), the Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC), and the Extraterritorial Income (ETI) regime. While the Domestic Production Activities Deduction is calculated on an “item-by-item” basis (rather than on a transactional basis), it shares many of the optimization opportunities that are present in a transactional optimization.